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Monday, 29 August 2011

Where to buy your art stuff

Something came to my attention the other day when I was out buying some art equipment, know because my art budget is so low I do my very best to get the best stuff that money can buy at a cheaper price than anyone thought possible.

A few places you should look for good deals is first of all, Ebay don't look down on second hand deals because much of the time they have not been used or hardly used, the second store I would advice is an art shop, ocassionaly they have deals on which are cheaper than anywhere else. The Last place I would advice is abroad (i.e not england) now this one is clearly not for everyone and you should by no means book a plane and go of to italy to do this I'm just saying if it just so happens that you are abroad it is worth taking a look at art stores I will give you an example of just how much I saved on a set of Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils set of 24, i got it for £12.00, maybe even less. Now if anyone has ever bought a set of these I'm sure they can tell you your not going to find it for cheaper.

Theses are all measuers that I am sure not all of you need to do however if your budget is limited don't just rush out there and buy the first thing you see because it says 25% of next to it, shop around.

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