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Friday, 26 August 2011

A great portrait

In terms of drawing portraits the easiest and best starting point is to draw someone with wrinkles and scares. Now I know
 that this sounds like a little bit of a shock, most people would think that you want to be drawing the best looking people
 with a clean face, however this makes it very difficult to define the face and make it look realistic. For example a few weeks
 ago I drew Rolf Harris and once I got past the center of the face, the eyes, ears and mouth, it become very easy to give the
 face the impression of being round and 3D using the wrinkles as a guide line. However I am in the middle of doing a pastel
 painting of a beautiful women but I find it much more difficult to give the women any form of a 3D look and sometimes step
 back and find myself feeling that it is very flat, When it is finished I will post it on the blog. Another fundament in drawing
 and painting, well any picture, is the positioning of the subject on the page, this is especially essential in drawing portraits
 this is the thing that makes your drawing stand out from the crowed from being a little thought out drawing and a

I could go on but right now I am busy however if you have any questions email me or comment on the page and I will get back to you :)

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