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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Derwent Graphic and a little on Dewent skeching

Derwent Graphic 
It does not matter what kind of fine artist or Illustrator you are you are more than likely going to need a good set of pencils which acquire to your drawing or sketching needs. For me Derwent Graphic pencils does that, this is not just because I bought a set once upon a time and I have never thought to go back, no, I tried just about every pencil out there and these just did it for me. Affordable and a well made pencil with the graphite bonded right throughout the barrel to allow you to get the maximum out of your pencil. For me thought the best thing is not the affordable price or any of the things I have mentioned above, my favorite thing is the ambiguous use between broad strokes and a sharp point, if desired with a sharpener or a crafts knife. However if you prefer more of a sketchy style and are on the move a lot then this Derwent Sketching is a great option for you, moreover it is a great addition to any graphite artists kit because something I learned completely by accident is that you can rub this stuff out and there is no evidence visible on the page. I thought personally prefer the use of the Dewent Graphic pencils however it cost me £2.99 for a set of 4 I acquired a few years back and I still have and use so even if it isn't for you then its not going to set your art budget back. 

Visit the  Dewernt website for a luck at demonstration with theses products in use or just examples of works 

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