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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Derwent Studio Colour Pencils

A perfect colour swatch
I always find myself designing things and doing draft drawings however when I get to the final stages I need to add colour to these drawings, now drawing and painting is one of thoughts things where its you who makes the picture what it is not the equipment you use, this is true to some degree however I may find myself looking around the studio and I see others coloured pencil work looking quiet dull, they leave it a week and all the colour has almost disappeared. For this reason I went out and I bought a set of 36 Derwent studio pencils for no more than 25 pounds, they have stayed with me for 2 years, of course I still use them and not once has the led in it broke on me, I have drawings I did from 2 years ago, stuck to the wall and I keep on thinking "any day now and the colour is going to fade" but it never does and it wont do because Derwent studio pencils are lightfast, the colours are perfect and much of the time I find that a pencil company is putting in the pencils for the sake of making the array of colours look good, not Derwent each and every colour is thought on how it will be used. They may also be used for drawings and I find that they go perfectly with the Derwent Soft Pastell pencils, moreover they work perfectly with Derwent Artist pencils because they are both colour indexed. I defiantly prefer these over any other brand not only for the great price but also for all the things I have listed.

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