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Monday, 8 August 2011

Is knowing art history important?

This is something for me I find essential to the development and the progress of my art work. This is for numerous reasons, the most obvious one could be that you can learn from old techniques from the past two thousand or so years and maybe even develop your own style or technique, the artists who know a bit art history are the ones I think are able to develop art work that is either original or a replica to the old techniques. Another advantage of learning of other artists is that you can began to understand wether or not you want to be an artist, this of course only ever applies to you if your not already an artist, wether or not you want to be an artist... In the last 500 years you have a contrast between artists who were well of and earned well, in there life time, from being an artist for example Picasso however there are others such as Van Gough who although his paintings are worth millions in his lifetime he only ever sold two, even thought there is good evidence to suggest that he knew that his art work would one day become famous. A few years back my dad bought me a book on the impressionists techniques and it was at that point I knew that art history was important to me so that I can improve, I'm sure that you can tell from my old posts that my work is not like the impressionists, in many of my portraits I don't add a background whereas in much of there portraits the background is essential and competes with the foreground.

Foreground and backround is competing in this painting
this is an old styled technique

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