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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Oil Painting

I would like to apologize at this time for my lack of posts in the last few days, been a bit busy but i am back now :)

When it comes to painting landscapes, sea scapes or portraits my medium of choice will be oil paints, I enjoy the drying time being sometimes a few days because that allows me to be able to do the painting, or the layer, come back to it, have a think about it and change what needs to be changed with much of the time not even having to apply any more paint. For many this may sound like the perfect medium for them however it has its flaws, this is not the kind of medium you can just take out and do a five minute job and hope to achieve much or even anything, because lets be honest it will probably take you at-least ten minutes to get set up however every time i simple touch the paint brush to the canvas it amazes me how you can get such bold, striking and effective colours. There are mediums which makes this paint so unique when paired with the pigment, just step into an art store and cast your eyes on the rows of oils, gessoes and many more.

One of the biggest frustrations to me when using oil is coming out of my garage  and smelling of turpentine clearly this can be concurred with the use of odorless sinner however this is an expensive alternative. An alternative to using oil with oil paint is WATER, well thats for one brand, i have not yet had the chance to try this for my self however this contradiction, i have been told, seems to work very well, check it out.
I leave you with this thought, if you were to think of the five most famous paintings, ever, they will be of an oil painting, clearly a preferred medium by the masters of art.

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