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Saturday, 18 June 2011

A little bit about me

watercolor print i did last year, enjoy 
Lets be honest we both know plane and simple that you do not want to listen to me blab on about my life however i hope that my story is by some way encouraging to you that you can execked in art or whatever it is you do, i started drawing and painting when i was 13, i had no talent at all but back then i really enjoyed drawing, then one day my art teacher saw a painting that i had done and mistaken it for being his own a little dispute soon settled that and he decided that he would coach me to be better, i got a scholaship a year later and here i am 2 years on with about 7 oil paintings to my name and 25 Acrylic paintings, each time i paint i learn so much, if i can do it in such a small space of time so can you, not forgetting other key things i have to balance in with my life ;)

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