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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Watercolours, the final medium

I first of all would like to apologize that I will have not talked about charcoal however i lack much knowledge in this medium.

Blue man
However something i reckon i am qualified to talk to you about is watercolours, if you want a medium which produces exceptional work and can be used any where and by anyone as long as you have water and a paint brush then this is for you. I use this when I am traveling in any kind of form might be going on holiday or just in school and my sketchbooks all poses peaces of watercolour paintings. a thing i also enjoy to do is printing of work on to watecolour paper and adding water to it. A few months ago i asked my self questions to weather i had anything going for me in terms of watercolours or should it be a medium i leave behind never to use again? My response to that ideology was to paint this, a confirmation in my mind that there still is hope for my in terms of watercolours.

This is my last post on mediums, I have no real plan to what i should begin to write about in my next posts however i hope that what i do post is of some use to you guys.

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