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Thursday, 21 July 2011

What painting does for you

Bob Ross painting, took no longer than half
an hour
Sorry for my lack of posts in the last few week I have had little internet access

Much of the time people starting out in painting do not see the point in it, it took a man called Bob Ross to show me what the real point and satisfaction in painting is, I now paint more than ever. I always knew of the feeling of satisfaction when you actually finish a painting but it was him who showed to me that by not considering every stroke that doesn't go to plan as being a mistake and more like a "happy little accident" you carry on painting, inevitable your paintings will take half the time and you enjoy the full process of painting. Therefore for many art is what puts the bacon on the table or it could just be your hobby , either way this will insure that you enjoy what you do. Lastly remember to show your paining to people so that you get feedback, some more be over complementry on your work while others may be critical, either way this will aid you to aspire to do more paintings, become better and most importantly enjoy what you do.

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